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Frank Van Leuvenhaege
Brand Ambassador TAD
“Great and very ambitious. Has found the combination of creativity and sound technology that pleases the interior for a great deal !

Sander Tinnemans
Chief Editor at DABtuners
“A great and trustfull business partner, working like a team on the same level towards the end-user.

Herman Zandwijken

Consultant at D&Z Consultancy
“Koen is an expert designer and manufacturer. Loves music and above all a great person.

Noël Coquet
Audio Consultant at Lipinski Sound
“Koen delivers excellent work on both technical and creative works, also his extended contacts makes sure you always get the best people for the job. Extraordinary sound and acoustic design that blends in with the most demanding environments. His expertise and service with streaming audio is top level and thus makes Koen a one stop to collaborate with!

Emmanuel Mouton
Managing Director at Mouton Professional Services
“Koen is a great person and provided excellent service for my specific need for highly professional audio design and implementation

Joris Van Riel
asarté bvba
“Koen provided the sound in my club. It was a sound that was beyond the normal standard for nightclubs. Privatly he made me some music boxes with high-quality standards. Even yesterday night I used them with great pleasure.

Tom Cuylaerts
web real estate developer, founder
“Koen makes you forget the limitations of audio equipment and let you rediscover the pleasure of listening to music. His signature speakers are the best I have ever heard. I'll keep saving for my own pair:-).

Enrico Ingenito
Security Sales Specialist at HP Enterprise Security Services Italy
“Rarely in my life time I had a pleasure like working with Koen, I can't forget his passion and his competence. He is a very talented guy with a special touch to create unique tailored projects.

Birger Hillaert
Account Manager Belux at Sonos, Inc.
“Vaessen Audiodesign heeft een uitzonderlijke kennis van audio apparatuur en is een experienced Sonos kenner met reeds heel lange ervaring op gebeid van streaming audio.

Theo Wubbolts
editor in chief CE and CI
“Koen is a special guy, with a very interesting product: loudspeakers. His way of working is best to describe as conscientious.

These links contain pages of nice people who create funky stuff....

Walter Dolphyn - Painter


Walter is an old classmate of mine, back in the 80's we went together to the Institute of Arts and Craftmanship (SISA) in Antwerp.

He's a third generation painter, a wonderful guy and an amazing artist.

Check his site and enjoy

Streug Metalshop

​Frank Breugelmans has golden hands and can build anything you can dream of in aluminium.

He has build his own aluminium racecar, check his site

Love Cable

Creates audiocables the way they were constructed in the 50's & 70's.

Pure Copper cable with copper plugs, amazing looks, sounds even better.

Made with love, and available for a fair price, check his site.

These cables are my own Reference.



Martin Van Rooyen is the owner of Perreaux Industries, a company down under in New Zealand

which builds one of the finest amplifiers on the market.

Build with a heart for music, and build to last.

We did several audio shows Worldwide together, it's a great combo

If you're in the mood for a new set of amps, Perreaux is definitely a brand to check out!


Jan Allaerts is the owner JA Cartridges,

without any doubt the best Phono Cartridges in the World.

Completely handmade by Jan himself.

There is a waitinglist, but, "you can't rush Art"



Lamborgini's one-off solo seater model "EGOISTA"

designed for it's 50 Anniversairy inspired me to create

a new loudspeaker in the upper league.


More news of this organic shaped loudspeaker is coming soon.


More nice pics of this Italian beauty, you'll find here



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